Orbital 3000 Dual

The Orbital 3000 Dual uses orbital motion for extended screen life and excellent conveyance. The large screen area of 60 ft2 and high g-forces of over 6 g’s result in exceptional performance. Shaker performance can be characterized by the product of screening area and g’s. The Orbital 3000 run at 6.25 g’s, provides 376 ft2-g’s. This is one of the largest performance ratings in the industry.

The Orbital 3000 Dual shaker weighs 12000 pounds and is 10’ 6” long and 13’ wide. The vibrators extend another seven inches on each side. The 30-1/2" weir height is one of the lowest in the industry. Weir height for 27-1/2" are available on request, allowing placement on rigs with limited bell nipple-to-pit drop.