Research & Development

As a manufacturer and an innovator it has always been United’s goal to ultimately be able to offer centrifuge solutions to any business or industry where the separation of solids and liquids is a necessary step in their processing procedures.  From the founding of the company to this day, United has always been willing to adjust, modify, tweak or remanufacture their centrifuges in order to assist their customers in attaining centrifuging  goals and finding centrifuging solutions that work within the context of the processing environment. 

Currently, United collaborates with Alberta Innovates Technology Futures, a research and development arm of the Government of Alberta, to find and develop centrifuge solutions that make new products possible, processes more efficient and environmental initiatives more achievable.  For United, this collaboration is a commitment to the development of centrifuges unique to each of the many industries they serve and a key element in their green technology initiative.