Rentals & Trials


United maintains a large fleet of rental centrifuges that are available under daily and monthly contracts. 

The rental fleet consists of:


  • SS800
  • SS1000 LHF-HP
  • SS2000

Orbital Vortex Shakers

  • Orbital 3000
  • Orbital 3000 Dual
  • Orbital Drying Shaker
  • Orbital Mud Cleaner

Shale Dryers

E-Z Load Hydra-Lift Pad Tanks

Centrifuge Pad Tanks

Cable Lift Combi Fluid Processing Units


To arrange for a centrifuge rental contact:

United Operations

Shawn Skinner
Tel:  403-945-3445  (Plant)
Cell:  403-990-0894



For new applications and applications where separation performance is required prior to a sales or rental finalization agreement, onsite Trials are sometimes a necessity.  United can provide assistance with onsite installation, operating expertise and ongoing technical support throughout the Trial period.   To arrange a Trial contact:

United Centrifuges Sales & Technical Support

Chris Woods
Tel:  403-945-3445  (Plant)
Direct:  403-923-2003